Inventions and Innovations

Hua Gu

University-industry collaborations pose a complex set of challenges. Universities must preserve core academic values—the pursuit of knowledge, freedom to publish, and open discourse—while adequately addressing industry's need for competitive advantage. Two decades of experience, however, have shown that academia and industry can work together effectively and that these collaborations improve the health, wealth, and security of our citizens.

The Trustees of Columbia University have authorized Columbia Technology Ventures to manage the intellectual property assets of the University. On behalf of the University, Tech Ventures is responsible for the expenses and risks of patenting and licensing. Tech Ventures acts as a business liaison when researchers interact with industrial and corporate enterprises. Their services are available to anyone at the University conducting research as defined in the Faculty Handbook.

Photo of Hua Gu, PH.D., Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, courtesy of Columbia Technology Ventures.

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