Handbooks, Libraries and Reports

Faculty Handbook

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The Faculty Handbook provides important information about the university and policies pertaining to faculty members, including student officers of instruction and research and visiting scholars.

CUMC Administrators' Manual

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The CUMC Administrators' Manual provides information for the guidance of Administrators working in Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine, Columbia School of Nursing, Mailman School of Public Health, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Administrative Policy Library

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Columbia University's Administrative Policy Library is a repository for policies administered by the central administrative departments at the university. Policies in the Policy Library are the current official statements of university policy of general applicability from across the university. Policies included in the Policy Library apply to a broad range of the university community, not just one department or unit.

Colleges, departments, and other university units may have additional policies specific to their needs and for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. Unit policies must not conflict with university policies; however, they may be more restrictive.

Sponsored Projects Handbook

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The Sponsored Projects Handbook gives practical guidance to faculty and administrative staff of Columbia University in the management of sponsored projects funded by governmental and private organizations. 

Clinical Research Handbook

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The Clinical Research Handbook has been created to give practical guidance to clinical research coordinators in the management of clinical research at Columbia University. It is a "how to" guide oriented specifically to clinical research conducted at Columbia but also will help faculty and staff to administer clinical research in accordance with governmental regulations and university policies.

A-133 Reports

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