Grant Toolbox

To facilitate grant submissions, the Office for Research has cultivated a variety of resources to help investigators assemble their proposals. To obtain access to the resources listed below, please email the Office for Research.


Grant Starter Kit

The “Grant Starter Kit” has primers for components of the grant that are not the core components, the Specific Aims, nor the Research Strategy. Please realize that these templates are a guide and they should be altered to fit the proposal.

Facilities and Resources Bank

This tool has blurbs on departments, centers, institutes, core/shared facilities, scientific initiatives, and institutional resources that can enhance your application. If you encounter outdated information or you would like to include a description, please email the Office for Research.


Funded Applications

The Office for Research has obtained permission to share a variety of previously funded grants to help P&S junior investigators determine the necessary components of a compelling research strategy. Please email the Office for Research for more information. In addition, NIH has sample grants to help researchers:

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