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The Office of Diversity assists with the mission of recruiting, counseling, and nurturing qualified minority students as well as fostering diversity among students and faculty. Multiculturalism in the medical school environment is strongly supported. The Office of Diversity supports the Black and Latino Students Organization (BALSO), which provides a forum for student participation in campus minority affairs, student recruitment, and service activities in the local community. BALSO also assists and contributes to a variety of lectures centered on disparities in health, provide academic support services and sponsor social events on campus.

The Office of Diversity supports several outreach programs: Summer Medical and Dental Education Program, The State Pre-College Enrichment Program and The Minority Recruitment Day Conference. The Office of Diversity regularly provides pre-medical career counseling and advice to individual high school and college students.

Through these mechanisms P&S enjoys tremendous diversity throughout its student body, distinct faculty, and varied patient population. For further information contact the BALSO President or call the office at 305-4157.

Hilda Hutcherson, M.D.
Associate Dean

Phone: (212) 305-4157
Fax: (212) 305-1049


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