Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA)

The mission of Columbia University Medical Center’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program Hub is to transform the culture of research to hasten the discovery and implementation of new treatments and prevention strategies. Our core objective is to move the CUMC (Columbia University Medical Center) research community to a more multi and interdisciplinary scientific mindset by removing barriers and creating incentives for interactions among investigators from different disciplines.

CUMC’s first step toward reaching this goal was the establishment of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research—the academic home for clinical and translational research at Columbia. Irving Institute faculty include some of CUMC’s most accomplished, senior researchers who provide leadership and serve as mentors for junior faculty, fellows, and trainees. The Irving Institute provides outstanding support and key resources to Columbia University researchers including biomedical informatics services, biostatistics and research design, data management, community engagement, regulatory and bioethics support, clinical research facilities, pilot funding programs, access to the CTSA Trial Innovation Network, and core laboratory resources. As part of the CTSA program, the Irving Institute houses an integrated educational program that includes short-term training, a patient-oriented master’s degree, a novel KL2 mentored research program in multi- and interdisciplinary research, and a TL1 training program with three distinct tracks for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and a 12-week summer program. In addition, the Irving Institute hosts several ongoing seminar series, research events and special symposia. In its current CTSA grant funding cycle and in synergy with a major Columbia University initiative in precision medicine, the Irving Institute initiated multiple new programs in precision medicine including education, training, and fellowships, an institutional biorepository, biomedical informatics, translational therapeutics, and community precision health. 

The Irving Institute aids in training and educating research teams to improve the translation of basic science findings to bring more treatments faster to our patients and neighbors in Northern Manhattan.


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