Logos & Templates

Logos & Templates


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The four health sciences schools (College of Physicians and Surgeons, College of Dental Medicine, School of Nursing, and Mailman School of Public Health) and the biomedical doctoral programs constitute the Columbia University Medical Center, which has a visual identity strategy that seeks to reinforce CUMC’s identity in terms of research, education, and clinical care.

The CUMC identity website provides guidelines and files for the use of logos and graphics on stationery, business cards, meeting fliers, posters, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and other communications. The essential elements are presented below.


Logos (Columbia UNI required)
Always use the logos provided through the online Logos & Crown artwork

Follow CUMC specifications for logo reproduction, including the color and size requirements

Follow funding agency requirements about recognizing their logo equally (“co-branding”) with the University logo on materials related to projects or research supported by these agencies

Stationery (Columbia UNI required)
Use departmental stationery ather than individual stationery when most appropriate, to conserve resources

Use P&S letterheads for all correspondence with partnering and funding agencies, interoffice mail, and formal contact between the University and external organizations or individuals

Use P&S stationery templates rather than recreating stationery items, to ensure consistency in their quality and production Either send stationery art files to the department’s chosen professional printer or, for expedited services, work with one of the CUMC endorsed printers

Brochures, Newsletters, Reports, and other Print Communications
Have all staff and designers who create print materials read and have a firm understanding of the material in the Visual Housestyle & Print System Guidelines. Apply these standards to brochures, newsletters, reports, business cards, and other print communications

If specified in the governing regulations, give written acknowledgement of the grant or contract in any publication produced with grant or contract funding

Contact the Web Development Group for current Web Standards.

Columbia's name and reputation are assets of substantial academic and economic value. The University, therefore, has a compelling interest in ensuring that its name is used in a manner that furthers its mission and is consistent with its institutional interests.

As stated in the Faculty Handbook, no employee should use the official title of the University, or any of its parts, in whatever form that title may appear, except in connection with legitimate University purposes. Neither the name of the University nor its insignias may be used to advertise or recommend commercial products and services, to promote the activities of outside organizations, or to further social or political causes. Exceptions require the prior approval of the Provost.

These policies apply equally to the use of the University name and insignias in any electronic media, including Internet addresses, websites, and domain names. In connection with their outside activities, faculty and other officers may identify themselves as holding appointments at Columbia by listing their University titles. They should, however, be careful not to imply that the University supports, sponsors, or endorses those activities.

Go to full CUMC Identity Website  (UNI required) 

For further information, please contact the Office of Communications.

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