For the Press

For the Press

The Department of Communications at the College of Physicians and Surgeons works closely with Columbia University Medical Center's Office of Communications and External Relations in an overall effort to seek publicity for the work that takes place on the CUMC campus. All media requests must go through the CUMC Communications Office for approval.

Media Access to P&S and CUMC Facilities
Faculty and staff should refer all calls from news media to the CUMC Communications Department at 212-305-3900. The Department will coordinate interviews that result from media inquiries. No reporters, photographers, or videographers from news outlets may access CUMC property without being accompanied by and/or authorized by the CUMC Communications Department. The communications staff works closely with CU Public Safety, the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) staff, and the University’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs to manage media requests and ensure proper access to University facilities.

Expert Commentary
The CUMC Communications Department maintains a database of CUMC experts to provide news commentary and analysis upon request. Faculty and staff interested in serving as expert commentators are encouraged to work with the Communications Department for specialized media training.

Media Coverage and Press Releases
Faculty and staff who have story ideas or potential news items that they would like considered for a CUMC-prepared and -approved press release should contact the CUMC Communications Department.

Faculty who publish an article that might be of interest to the public through mainstream media should contact the CUMC Communications Department for publicity efforts. Contact should be made at the time the article is accepted for publication and well in advance of the time when the embargo of the publication will be lifted. The CUMC Communications Department works with scientific publications and honors all embargoes.

CUMC departments, centers, and institutes should work with communications staff on appropriate strategies to publicize information. All news releases and public communication strategies should be planned with and authorized by the Communications Department.

University staff writing reports or developing other materials must obtain written consent from individuals whose names and health information may be used in project publications or for other publicity purposes. For each individual, a consent form—available from CUMC Communications Department—must be completed and duly signed. Consent forms should be kept on file by both the Communications Department and the P&S department, center, or institute.

Proper written consent must be obtained before photographs or video are taken of anyone, except for internal publications, including employees, students, patients, research subjects, and visitors.

Columbia University has strict policies regarding animal-based research as it pertains to news articles, photography, and moving images. Any school, department, center, or institute contemplating producing such items should contact the CUMC Communications Department for direction.

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