Students Learn Their Residency Destiny on Match Day

March 19, 2012


Students in the P&S Class of 2012 filled the lounge in Bard Hall last Friday, March 16, for the worldwide medical school tradition known as Match Day. At 12:00 pm Eastern time, graduating medical students learned where they will spend their residency. As the clock ticked down toward noon, Lisa Mellman, MD, senior associate dean, Student Affairs, led the countdown.

“In exactly a minute, we will arrive at the moment you’ve been waiting for, for four or five years,” she said. Envelopes marked with each student’s name were set out on tables behind screens. As the moment neared, the screens were moved aside – and when the clock struck noon, the eager students descended on the tables to find their envelope. Within a few seconds, the room was filled with students shrieking, hugging and high-fiving – not to mention calling and texting seemingly everyone they knew.

One particulary joyous student was Chris Lawton, who was all smiles after opening his envelope. “I just matched in internal medicine at Columbia,” he said, in between hugging friends and family. “I’m very happy. It was my first choice.”

The Class of 2012 has 158 students, and 157 matched this year. One student did not apply for the match and will do a Master of Public Health program, and then apply for residency. Students matched extremely well into their specialty of choice, including very competitive specialties, and into top programs. This year’s class demonstrated a significant increase in the number of graduates going into pediatrics (23) and emergency medicine (10), compared to previous years. 

-- Mary Schiller

Photo/video by Amelia Panico

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