Ceremony Marks Transition to Students' Clinical Education

January 5, 2012


As the P&S Class of 2014 prepared to begin the clinical portion of their medical education, Dean Lee Goldman, MD, shared his thoughts with them. “There is no bigger transition in your education than what will happen this week. You’ll start to put everything together,” he said. “It will be invigorating, confusing at times, and humbling. And every day, you will wake up and realize why you went to medical school, and why you wanted to be a doctor.”

Dr. Goldman addresses Class of 2014 at transition ceremony

Lee Goldman, MD, dean of P&S, addresses the Class of 2014 as they transition into the clinical year.

Along with family, friends, fellow P&S students, faculty members and staff, the Class of 2014 made its official transition to the clinical year Jan. 4, 2012, at the Steve Z. Miller Student Clinician’s Ceremony in the P&S Alumni Auditorium. The event included several teaching and student awards, a student-produced video, and brief motivational talks by Craig Smith, MD, chair of the Department of Surgery; Sandra O. Gold, EdD, president and CEO of The Arnold P. Gold Foundation; and Thomas Garrett, MD, professor of clinical medicine.

Smith gave several tips for the challenges that lie ahead for these transitioning students, such as following the Golden Rule and developing the “4 C’s” of compassion, collegiality, creativity and composure.

“Trust your instincts,” Smith said. “Take the initiative. And remember, the honest answer is always the right answer.”


Award Winners at transition ceremony

L-R: Adrienne Boire, Comana (Coco) Cioroiu, Michael Glick, Erica Mahany, Joseph Dinorcia, Benjamin Kennedy, Christina Kitt Garza, and Christopher Ramos. Not pictured: Jeremy Clain, Daniela Lamas, Daniel Freedberg, Hemashi Perera.

Awards were presented as follows:

Major Clinical Year Outstanding Teacher Award to Noel Robin, MD, Chair, Department of Medicine, Stamford Hospital; Professor of Clinical Medicine; Associate Dean at the Stamford Health System

Greg Grove Award to Hayley Born, ’14

American Society of Clinical Pathology Award for Academic Excellence to Stanislaw Gabryszewski, ’14

Fundamentals Outstanding Teacher Award to Jay Lefkowitch, MD, Professor of Clinical Pathology and Cell Biology

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards

Class of 2012 Resident Teaching Award Winners: Adrienne Boire, MD, Neurology, Harlem Hospital; Comana (Coco) Cioroiu, MD, Neurology, Harlem Hospital; Jeremy Clain, MD, Medicine, NYP; Michael Glick, MD, Medicine, NYP; Daniela Lamas, MD, Medicine, NYP; Erica Mahany, MD, OB/GYN, NYP.

Class of 2013 Resident Teaching Award Winners: Joseph Dinorcia, MD, Surgery, NYP; Daniel Freedberg, MD, Medicine, NYP; Benjamin Kennedy, MD, Neurosurgery, NYP; Christina Kitt Garza, MD, Psychiatry, NYP; Hemashi Perera, MD, OB/GYN, NYP; Christopher Ramos, MD, Medicine, NYP.

See also: VIDEO: "Nervous," "Excited": Transitioning to the Clinical Year.

-- Mary Schiller

Photos by Amelia Panico

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