5 in 5: Blake Taylor

Taylor, a first-year medical student at P&S, discusses growing up with ADHD.
October 10, 2011


Blake Taylor ADHD & Me

Blake Taylor, author of ADHD & me, is now a first-year medical student at P&S.

Diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at age five, Blake Taylor – now a first-year medical student at P&S – says inattention and distraction are the most common, and most challenging, aspects of living with ADHD.

“When [it] occurs, I feel as if my mind were a television with the channel changing uncontrollably,” he wrote in his 2008 book, ADHD & me: what i learned from lighting fires at the dinner table. “In one moment, I’m watching CNN Headline News, in another moment, a documentary about the Roman army, and in a third moment, What Not to Wear on TLC.”

With hard work, a supportive family, encouraging teachers and caring physicians, Blake learned how to subdue distractions, control his hyperactivity and impulsivity, and conquer the social awkwardness that often accompany ADHD. His book serves as an illuminating guide for 4 to 7 million other Americans under 18 – and upwards of 13 million adults – who live with the condition.

Blake also hopes to de-stigmatize ADHD and change public perception about the condition through his advocacy work, meeting with members of Congress, and speaking at schools and professional organizations such as the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

In September, Blake started blogging about life with ADHD on teenDailyStrength, an online community for teenagers started by HealthCorps, a health movement co-founded by Mehmet Oz, MD, professor of surgery.

Blake sat down with us after taking his first Anatomy exam (he passed!) to talk about his experiences with ADHD and his first month of medical school.


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