Research Programs

Research is an important part of the mission of P&S. Many opportunities are available to students, including NIH-funded research conducted at P&S in the summer after first year, research electives and/or research track scholarly project during D&I, and time off for full time research, usually taken for one year between third and fourth year.

Information about research faculty and potential research topics can be found on our Scholarly Opportunities Database, which provides a comprehensive and searchable list of projects, mentors, and funding resources. Each department has also designated an individual, listed below, to assist P&S students in finding a research mentor in their area of interest. More information can also be found on the website for each department. In addition, the  AAMC's Clinical and Research Opportunities website  provides a list of fellowships, internships, summer programs, scholarships, and grants currently available in the United States and abroad.

Research in the Summer After First Year (for P&S students only)

P&S offers a robust summer research program for interested P&S students. Faculty from all P&S departments and many centers serve as mentors to assist students in their research application and summer research. Students apply for NIH-funded research in basic, clinical, or translational research. Faculty are also available for projects in epidemiology and bioethics. An informational meeting for the first year class occurs in the Fall of first year and the deadline is in late January.  Resources for planning Fundamentals summer opportunities can be found on our P&S Summer Opportunities Resources

Research Electives in D&I (for P&S students only)

P&S students are allowed to take up to three months for research electives in the D&I senior portion of the curriculum. Research must be full time and proposals must be approved in advance by the Electives subcommittee at P&S. Students must also complete a two-page paper at the conclusion of the elective month(s).

Scholarly Project in Research Track (for P&S students only)

P&S students select a four-month scholarly project from six designated areas of concentration, including Basic Research and Clinical Research. Visit the Scholarly Projects page for additional information and related resources.

Full Time Research in Year Off (for P&S students only)

Some students choose to take a year off from the core curriculum to pursue their research interests, usually during the senior D&I phase of the curriculum. Several fellowships provide funding for selected students. Details regarding their mission, applicant eligibility, and deadlines are available at the respective websites. Departments are sometimes able to provide some funding for P&S students who do not have funding through a fellowship.

Department Contacts

Department Contact
Anesthesiology Dr. Charles Emala
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Samuel Sia
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Barclay Morrison
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Andreas Hielscher
Biomedical Informatics Dr. Andrea Califano
Biomedical Informatics D r. Herb Chase
Dermatology Julide Celebi
Family Medicine Dr. Richard Young
Emergency Medicine Dr. Fareed Fareed
Internal Medicine Dr. Jaime Rubin
Neurology Dr. Richard Mayeux
Neurology Dr. Serge Przedborski (lab research)
Neurology Dr. Elan Louis (clinical research)
Neuroscience Dr. Ken Miller
Neurosurgery Dr. Jeffrey Bruce
OB/GYN Dr. Cynthia Gyamfi
Opthalmology Dr. Bryan Winn
Otolaryngology Dr. Joseph Haddad
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr. Joshua Hyman
Pathology Dr. Ron Liem (basic research)
Pathology Dr. Alain Borczuk (translational)
Pediatrics Dr. Sharon Oberfield
Pediatrics Dr. Darryl Yamashiro
Pharmacology Karen Allis
Psychiatry Dr. Janis Cutler
Radiology Dr. Angela Lignelli
Radiation Oncology Dr. Tom Hei
Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Matthew Bartels
Surgery Dr. Henry Spotnitz
Urology Jasmine Gonzalez