The P&S Club

The P&S Club remains the most active and comprehensive student activities organization in American medical education. Founded by Nobel Peace laureate John Mott in 1894, the Club currently sponsors more than 70 clubs and organizations. These clubs and organizations represent P&S students' vast interests and talents, including athletics, performing arts, student advocacy, cultural and spiritual events, specialty interest groups, and service projects including three student-run free clinics. The Club's fluid nature allows new activities to develop as students' interests evolve. By providing P&S students with outlets for their various talents and passions, the P&S Club adds substantial depth and balance to a program otherwise devoted to medical studies.

A list of active P&S Club organizations as well as more information can be found on the P&S Club website along with club leader and activity information.

A complete list of Class Council Leaders as well as a complete list of P&S Club Leaders is also available on the site.

Contact the director of the P&S Club, Rosemarie Scilipoti, with any questions.