Center for Education Research & Evaluation (CERE)


The mission of CERE is to support and empower learners, educators, leaders, and scholars to succeed in their educational endeavors. We achieve this through collaboration, consultation, and advising in study strategies and test preparation, program evaluation, learner assessment, educational research and scholarship, instructional design, and educator development.

Advising in Student Learning & Studying Strategies

Our efforts to promote effective student learning and studying strategies include providing online guidelines and resources for all students and one-on-one consultations for students referred by the Dean of Student Affairs.

Program Evaluation

Our program evaluation efforts document the quality, utility, feasibility, effectiveness, and overall worth of educational endeavors, and in doing so, provide a tool for program and learner improvement. Because evaluation is multifaceted, we encourage and support the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods. These include formal course evaluations, focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews, content analysis of curricula, and experimental-type designs.

Program and process evaluation entails a systematic approach to planning, conducting, monitoring, modifying, and analyzing a program or program component. Important foci include design, implementation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accountability, sustainability, and outcomes.

Learner Assessment

Our learner assessment efforts emphasize methods to efficiently and effectively measure the actual accomplishments of learners - as individuals or as groups. We believe educational assessment must begin with a statement of the expectations of the learner, typically characterized as knowledge, skills, and values within a domain of practice. We assist faculty to systematically assess learning by helping them write effective learning objectives; develop and utilize useful, reliable, and valid methods; and analyze and report results that provide evidence of learning and direction for continuous improvement.

Research & Scholarship

Our research and scholarship efforts focus on supporting faculty in their investigations of a broad range of education-related issues such as teaching methods, learning, cognition, and program evaluation. Our support often takes the form of one-on-one consultations to train, mentor, and motivate. Topics cover study design, statistical methods, data analysis, and dissemination of results.

Instructional Design & Educator Development

Our instructional design and educator development efforts mostly occur through CERE participation on curriculum governance committees and one-on-one consultations with course directors as these committees and individuals strive to continuously improve their curricula and instruction using data derived from program evaluation and learner assessment activities.

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