Center for Student Wellness

The Center for Student Wellness provides free, confidential wellness coaching, and health promotion programs. Designed as "one-stop shopping" for support, CUMC students may seek out assistance at the CSW for virtually any concern, big or small. Students can access services by making an appointment or stopping by during our walk-in hours, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and 5 - 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday evenings.

Based on the nature of the concern, the CSW staff will assist the student in the development of an individualized action plan to address the issue including:

  • reducing perceived and actual stress among students
  • increasing coping skills and strategies available to students
  • advocating for positive social support systems on campus

Wellness Works! is the health promotion arm of the Student Health Service and the Center for Student Wellness. Certified Health Education Specialists develop and coordinate individual and group activities to address health and wellness concerns, including stress management, academic concerns, relationship issues, nutrition and fitness, sexual health, and substance use. Wellness Works! also sponsors a low-cost Yoga and Pilates program each semester.

The AIMS Program (Addiction Illness: Medical Solutions), part of the Center for Student Wellness, focuses on issues related to drinking or drug use; smoking cessation; disordered eating behavior; gambling; excessive Internet use; excessive spending; or difficulties with/concerns about classmates, friends, or family members arising from any of the aforementioned.

Specialized substance use counseling is available through AI:MS, which is a safe, confidential place for students to raise concerns about compulsive behavior and/or addiction.

Both CSW and AI:MS are guided by elected student peer leaders: three Wellness Reps (male, female, and MD/PhD) and two AI:MS Reps (male, female) are elected from each class at P&S. These student leaders meet regularly to develop programs and advocate for change, and are also available as a confidential resource for students.

Jane Bogart M.A., CHES
Director, Center for Student Wellness
Location: 107 Bard Hall
Phone: (212) 304-5564

Justin Laird, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Center for Student Wellness
Location: 107 Bard Hall
Phone: (212) 304-5560