Disability Services

Disability Services (DS), part of Columbia Health, facilitates equal access for students with disabilities by coordinating reasonable accommodations and support services. DS also provides assistance to students with temporary injuries and illnesses.

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to policy, practices, and procedures that "level the playing field" for students with disabilities.  These adjustments, however, do not lessen academic or programmatic requirements. Examples include administration of exams, services such as note-taking, sign language interpreters, assistive technology, and the coordination of accessible housing needs. Accommodations and services are designed to match the disability-related needs of each student and are determined according to the documented needs and the student’s program requirements. Columbia considers its faculty and academic program staff to be important partners in the University's efforts to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities. With this in mind, Columbia has established a network of Disability Services Liaisons to facilitate equal access to all University programs for students with disabilities. The Liaison for P&S is Dr. Lisa Mellman, the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 104 Haven Ave. Suite 1103, (212) 305-3806.

Registering with DS includes submission of both the Registration Form and disability documentation provided by a licensed clinician. The Registration Form and guidelines for disability documentation are available online and at the DS offices, located on the Morningside and Medical Center campuses. Students are encouraged to register with DS at the time of their matriculation at Columbia University. Review of requests for accommodations and disability documentation will generally take three weeks to complete. Please note that students are not eligible to receive reasonable accommodations until the registration process is complete.

Colleen Lewis

Athalie Alexander
Disability Services Manager, CUMC


Medical Center Campus
Location: 50 Haven Avenue, 105 Bard Hall
Phone: (212) 304-7029
Fax: (212) 854-3448
Email: disability@columbia.edu
Web: www.health.columbia.edu

Morningside Campus
Location: 411 W. 116th Street, Wien Hall, 1st Floor Suite 108A
Phone: (212) 854-2388