Student Success Network (SSN)

Regardless of individual talent and prior experience, medical school can at times be overwhelming for anyone. SSN offers services to help make first-year students’ adjustment to medical school a smooth one. SSN promotes a sense of teamwork and efficient learning through small-group review sessions facilitated by second-year students in the Fall and fourth-year students in the Spring. These review sessions cover the important and difficult concepts you’ll need to know for exams. To supplement them, we also provide review sheets and practice questions, highlighting the important points of each lecture. Fundamental to our philosophy is putting into action the tenet of learning from (and thus teaching) your colleagues. It’s a fun way to learn. We encourage all first-year students to come see if our review sessions can help you!

Review sessions will take place within the week preceding the exam it covers. The schedule is available on the SSN website in CourseWorks.


SSN Leadership for Fall 2016

Manish Mehta, Director                

Nicole Kelly, Financial Coordinator

Brian Reuland, MM Coordinator

Hayden Latham, Anatomy Lab Coordinator

Ashwini Dhokte, BHD Coordinator

Reed O’Connor, BHD Liaison