Seminars at Columbia

P&S students have a unique opportunity to engage in scholarly work and to participate in the many scholarly communities at Columbia University

Medical Scholars Seminar Course

This is a small group seminar course (RSRH 7201) for P&S students interested in scholarly inquiry in both their first (Fundamentals) and last (Differentiation and Integration) phases of their medical education.  It meets bi-monthly through the academic year and is designed to develop skills that distinguish medical scholars: building hypotheses, critiquing and interpreting text and data, and, most importantly, communicating ideas and conclusions to medical communities. Students present their ideas, proposals and results and are joined once a month by CUMC faculty members who discuss their perspectives and experiences in integrating scholarship and medicine.

Medical Scholars Seminar Course Schedule for Fall, 2015

Seminars in Research at P&S

This seminar series is offered specifically to students in the Fundamentals curriculum by some of Columbia's luminary scholars.  It was started by the Vice Dean for Education, Dr. Ron Drusin, to expose students to the most exciting research being done at P&S - and to pique student interest in the many ways in which top quality research and medicine are integrated.

Seminars in Research at P&S Schedule for Fall, 2015

Scholarly Seminars and Events across the Columbia University Schools and Campuses

Columbia University hosts a range of scientific conferences, meetings, seminars and presentations at CUMC and on the Morningside Campus.  Links to seminar schedules hosted by various schools, institutions, and departments are included below.

School-Wide Schedules

Basic, Translational and Clinical Research

Population Health

Narrative and Social Medicine