Visiting Students

The 2016 Visiting Student Application is not yet open for registration. Please check back in mid-January 2016 for more information, or please visit our interactive FAQ, UserVoice:

Visiting Student Eligibility
Visiting students are eligible for electives at CUMC if:

  • Currently enrolled at one of the following: (1) Ben Gurion University, (2) International Exchange Affiliation (must be pre-approved by home school), (3) LCME-accredited school in the US/Canada, (4) Osteopathic school, and (5) Sackler School of Medicine New York Program;
  • Currently enrolled in their final year of medical school
  • Have completed core clerkships in Internal Medicine, Surgery, and 2 other specialties (including the elective specialty of which they are applying). 

For more information on eligibility for specific electives, please review the OASIS catalog for Visiting Students - each course has a “Notes” section with more information.

Application Instructions

All electives will use OASIS. Please follow the instructions within the application portal: Note that requirements vary slightly depending on student level.

  • Part A: Confirmation of Eligibility
    • Register with OASIS based on your student group, and follow Steps 1 through 4.
  • Part B: Institutional Review

Application & Decision Timelines

Desired Month

Part A Submission Deadline

Decision Made (Estimate)

June 2015


mid-April 2015

July 2015


mid-May 2015

August 2015


mid-June 2015

September 2015


mid-July 2015

October 2015


mid-August 2015

November 2015


mid-September 2015

December 2015


mid-October 2015

January 2016


mid-November 2015

February 2016


mid-December 2015

March 2016


mid-January 2016

April 2016


mid-February 2016

**Availability is not distributed to visiting students prior to placement, and all elective placements are final. Students may not change electives once placed.**

P&S Electives Schedule

All available elective start dates are listed in the OASIS Catalog for Visiting Students, and all electives must be 4 weeks in length.

AFTER approved for an elective, visiting students may contact Course Directors to request slight date adjustments, but should be aware that approvals of such requests are solely at the discretion of the Course Directors. Please see the P&S Visiting Student FAQ page for more information: