Visiting Students


Applicant Eligibility

Visiting students are eligible for electives at CUMC if they meet all the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in their final year of medical school at one of the following:
    1. Ben Gurion University,
    2. International Exchange Affiliation (must be pre-approved by home school),
    3. LCME-accredited school in the US/Canada,
    4. Osteopathic school, or
    5. Sackler School of Medicine New York Program.
  2. Have completed at least 4-6 core clerkships in Internal Medicine, Surgery, and 2 other specialties (including the elective specialty of which they are applying). 

Eligibility for specific electives is denoted in the OASIS catalog for Visiting Students.

Elective Application Instructions

All eligible visiting students will use OASIS to submit their application. Please register and follow the instructions within the application portal, here: Note that requirements vary slightly depending on student level.

  • Part A: Confirmation of Eligibility
  • Part B: Institutional Review
    • Required application documents include, but are not limited to: Your signed Part A and Immunization form, CV, Official Transcript, Photo, and etc.
    • Decisions will be made around 4-6 weeks prior to start of desired elective month(s). 

Application & Decision Timelines

Desired Month Opening Date

Part A Submission Deadline

Decisions Made (Estimate)

January 2018 11/1/17 11/15/17 Last week of Nov 2017
February 2017 11/1/17 12/15/17 mid-December 2017
March 2018 Not available to visiting students.
April 2018 Not available to visiting students.
May 2018 2/1/18 3/1/18 mid-March 2018
June 2018 2/1/18 4/1/18 mid-April 2018
July 2018 2/1/18 5/1/18 mid-May 2018
August 2018 2/1/18 6/1/18 mid-June 2018
September 2018 2/1/18 7/1/18 mid-July 2018
October 2018 2/1/18 8/1/18 mid-August 2018
November 2018 7/1/2018 9/1/18 mid-September 2018
December 2018 7/1/2018 10/1/2018 mid-October 2018

P&S Electives Schedule

Please review our UserVoice article on scheduling and start dates, here:

Housing at CUMC

During the busy summer months, visiting students can review housing options on or near campus using Rotating Room: may also be available on-campus between October through April of each year through the CUMC Housing Office.