Global Health Elective Opportunities


If you are an international student who is seeking a clinical elective at Columbia University, please visit the International Visiting Students page.

P&S offers its students a variety of clinical and public health international electives through: P&S global health exchange programs (including Ben Gurion University of the Negev - Medical School for International Health BGU-MSIH), International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Program (ICAP), International Family AIDS Program(IFAP), and Millennium Villages Project (MVP). These electives are are not available to visiting students.

P&S students should submit their application(s), found on the international electives CourseWorks site, for all programs to Krystyna Cukrowski in P&S 3-401.  We will transfer your application to the program specific contact. Please do not send it directly to the program.

Your application should include:

P&S maintains student exchange programs with 27 international medical schools. These clinical electives are arranged through the P&S Office of Education and count as "time away." A maximum of four students per academic year are permitted for each. The application deadline for all exchange programs is October 15th.  If you are still interested in applying for an exchange program after this date, please email as soon as possible. Some programs may have more flexible deadlines.

Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) - Medical School for International Health (MSIH): P&S students may participate in two-month global health clerkships in developing countries sponsored by exchange program between BGU-MSIH and Columbia University. Students work in small groups with BGU students, local medical school faculty, and health practitioners in clinical settings of developing countries and on community health projects. Housing is provided and students may not participate for less than two months. BGU-MSIH counts as “time here”. The application deadline for BGU-MSIH is October 15th.  

International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Program (ICAP): This program is a public health, non-clinical experience for Columbia students in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Swaziland and other African countries. Students work with a healthcare team on public health projects in AIDS/TB prevention, transmission, and treatment. Some exposure to clinical care may be included. ICAP counts as “time here”.  The application deadline for ICAP is October 15th.

Insights into Global Health (IGH): The first of these clinical courses focuses on the complex needs of HIV-infected children and their families in resource-poor settings in the Domincan Republic (see PE16P). For more information and application forms, contact Dr. Nicholas or Ana Jimenez-Bautista (212-342-9034). The second, run by the Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO), focuses on the medical, developmental, and psychological challenges for orphans and vulnerable children primarily in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, with an emphasis on the treatment of HIV-infected orphans and training/mentoring of healthcare professionals in developing countries in HIV/AIDS pediatric treatment (see PE18P). Opportunities may be available in other countries such as Bulgaria and Vietnam, but are subject to availability and discussion. 

Millennium Villages Project (MVP): This program is a public health, non-clinical experience for Columbia students only.  Students are placed in a rural village setting of an underdeveloped country in Africa that lacks basic health and disease prevention infrastructure. They work with a team surveying health-related needs and implementing infrastructure for healthcare delivery, health education, and disease prevention. MVP counts as “time here”. More information can be found here. The application deadline for MVP is October 15th.

BGU Ben Gurion University
IGH Insights into Global Health
ICAP International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Program
MVP Millennium Villages Project
Armenia Exchange Program
Australia Exchange Program



  • EX20A P&S/University of Sydney
    One- and two-month electives may be arranged during the Spring. No stipend.
Chile Exchange Program  
  • EX21C P&S/Clinica Indisa
    One-month elective periods during the Spring. No stipend.
China Exchange Program
Dominican Republic Insights into Global Health
Ecuador Exchange Program
England Exchange Program
France Exchange Program  
Germany Exchange Program  
  • EX10G P&S/University of Heidelberg
    One- and two-month electives may be arranged during the Spring. Fluency in German required. No stipend.
Hong Kong Exchange Program               
India Exchange Program 
Ireland Exchange Program  
Israel Exchange Program
Italy Exchange Program
Japan Exchange Program
Kenya MVP
Korea Exchange Program
Lebanon Exchange Program
Mali MVP
Malawi MVP
Nigeria MVP
Rwanda MVP
Scotland  Exchange Program
Senegal MVP
Spain Exchange Program    
Sri Lanka Exchange Program    
Sweden Exchange Program
Tanzania MVP, ICAP
Thailand Exchange Program
Uganda MVP

Funding Applications
Applications for international travel funding opportunities are available on the international electives CourseWorks site. All applications for funding are due November 1. Any questions about these processes should be directed to  Scholarly Projects are not eligible for the Lattes, Rosenbluth, or Brown funding opportunities. Please email for Scholarly Project funding opportunities.