Residency Application and Matching Resources

Residency Application & Matching Resources

The Courseworks Career Advising Project site has a large amount of materials available to students as they explore their career options and begin the residency application process.  Additional resources by external organizations are available as well:


Exploring Career Options

  • AAMC Careers in Medicine website
  • AAMC Report on Residents document
  • NRMP Program Director Survey (2016)
  • Shadowing and other opportunities (available in Courseworks)
  • P&S Match Lists by specialty (available in Courseworks)
  • P&S Residency Advisors (available in Courseworks)
  • Suggested electives by specialty (available in Courseworks)
  • P&S Evaluating a Residency Program (available in Courseworks)
  • P&S Graduating Class Contacts by Speciality (available in Courseworks)


Self Assessment


Preparing Applications

  • AAMC's Roadmap to Residency guide
  • FREIDA online residency database
  • NRMP Residency Applicant Toolkit
  • P&S Residency Guide (available in Courseworks)
  • Early Match and NRMP Match Timeline (available in Courseworks)
  • Letter of recommendation guidelines (available in Courseworks)
  • Letter of recommendation waiver (available in Courseworks)
  • Sample CV (available in Courseworks)
  • Personal statement tips (available in Courseworks)
  • How to evaluate a residency program (available in Courseworks)
  • PowerPoints after class meetings on residency and interviewing (available in Courseworks)
  • Common interview questions (available in Courseworks)
  • Alumni Interview Hosting Request Form (available in Courseworks)