"For 80 years, Columbia has sent students to a unique health system in rural upstate New York — Bassett Healthcare. It has been lauded by generations of Columbia students as one of the best clinical experiences in medical school. In response to the recent call for more physicians in the United States, particularly in rural environment, Columbia and Bassett have partnered to create the Columbia-Bassett Program. In Cooperstown, a beautiful and exceptional village, you will experience an efficient health system that accommodates 600,000 patient visits a year. Beyond the great clinical education that always accompanies a Columbia diploma, graduates will have innovative experiences in human insight and health systems capability." Lee Goldman, M.D., Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

"Columbia has opened a new medical degree program, the Columbia-Bassett Program. You can learn a great deal about this program, its location, and the underlying health systems rationale on this Web site. The first year and one half of this new curriculum will take place in New York City, where you will join your classmates in largely pre-clinical studies. The second phase, two and one half years, will be based in Cooperstown, N.Y. Students’ clinical experiences at Bassett’s Cooperstown campus will consist of a required one year experience followed by a year and a half of electives and pursuit of an area of concentration utilizing the full array of opportunities at both campuses." Henry Weil, M.D., Assistant Dean for Education at Bassett Healthcare, Columbia University

P&S and Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, NY, have established a track for students to experience their 18 month basic science curriculum at P&S and their clinical curriculum, including all core clinical rotations, at Bassett. This program, supervised by the Medical School, permits students interested in learning medicine in a rural environment, utilizing a longitudinal curriculum with an exposure to health care management, to obtain an M.D. degree.

  • You will participate in a humanistic patient care experience, in a longitudinal curricular approach, during which you follow patients for about a year.
  • You will work in an environment that emphasizes relationships.
  • These longitudinal relationships will not only facilitate your education, but also provide an intimate view of the various subspecialists and their lives with patients.
  • You will engage in a unique process to determine which career path within medicine is most interesting to you and most suitable to your innate skills.
  • You will study the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. health system, and cultivate applied skills in improving health care quality at clinical and non-clinical levels.
  • You will experience health education in the best of two worlds: New York City’s NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Cooperstown’s Bassett Healthcare. The contrasts of setting and patient population will merge for you into the single mission of learning to help people in their pursuit of health.
  • You will receive financial aid independent of a financial needs assessment, in the amount of $30,000 per year, potentially freeing you to choose the career path you most like.
Applicants notified to appear for an interview should contact the P&S Admissions Office, or the Columbia-Bassett Program Office, identify their interest in this M.D. degree program, and establish interview dates at both campuses. Interviews on consecutive dates, and logistics attendant thereto, will be scheduled by the Columbia-Bassett Program office.
Columbia-Bassett applicants should submit all necessary materials by November 15 so that interviews for applicants selected may be scheduled as early as possible.
Applicants interested in the Columbia-Bassett program should reply to the question posed uniquely for this program.

The four-year curriculum of the Columbia-Bassett Program occurs in diverse settings:
  • The first year and a half are at the New York City campus of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • For up to four weeks students participate in population-based research in Cooperstown
  • In the beginning of January of the second year, students move to the Cooperstown campus of P&S
  • Students engage in brief inpatient blocks followed by an extensive longitudinal experience
  • The fourth year consists of acting internships, electives, residency application and interviewing, and completion of the SLIM curriculum
Here is the New York City Columbia curriculum. Students in Columbia-Bassett will split off from their classmates after Fundamentals and move to Cooperstown, to begin the Longitudinal Curriculum.

During the Major Clinical Year, students at Columbia-Bassett will rejoin their classmates in New York for several brief intersessions
Three required rotations during the fourth year will be back in New York City and will include senior medicine, a subinternship, and one other rotation. The full resources of Columbia University are at the fingertips of all students, wherever the student is located.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Henry Weil
Assistant Dean for Education at Bassett Healthcare, Columbia University
Phone: (607) 547-4742

Dr. Walter Franck
Senior Associate Dean for the Bassett Affiliation
Phone: (607) 547-6650

Ms. Lauren Connolly
Manager of Admissions
Phone: (212) 305-3595