Becoming a member of the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators signals your

  • excellence as a medical educator at P&S
  • willingness to actively participate in the life of the Academy and the community of educators at P&S

Selection to the Academy is competitive and criterion based.  Applications will be reviewed by a panel of senior Apgar Academy members. Applicants must have been on the P&S faculty for at least five years and must demonstrate:

  • excellence in at least 2 areas of medical education, as outlined in attached criteria
  • commitment to active participation in the Academy, as outlined in “responsibilities of members”

Application Materials

  • an enhanced CV, designed to highlight activities related to medical education (please see instructions on compiling the cv in the accompanying document entitled "Welcome, Apgar Applicants.")
  • a letter of nomination from your chair, program director, or someone who you feel can describe your accomplishments in medical education
  • a 1-page cover letter that highlights your accomplishments in the two areas of medical education in which you are demonstrating excellence—this should guide reviewers through your enhanced CV
  • a 1-page personal statement about how you would like to participate in the work of the Academy and what you feel that you will add to the Academy
  • a 1- to 2-page supplement documenting your excellence in medical education—this could include quantitative evaluations, as well as excerpts from narrative teaching evaluations (please do not include individual notes/letters from students)

Please complete the application as a 12 pt, single-spaced document with 1-inch margins and submit as a PDF to Wanda O'Connell at The next round of applications will be due January 31, 2018; please view the downloadable documents listed below. Please be sure to first 'Save As' the Application Word document before editing. For guidance on CUMC Format for Curriculum Vitae (CV), see link:

     Criteria for Membership

2017-2018 Welcome Apgar Applicants.pdf188.42 KB
2017-2018 Apgar Application Form and instructions.doc.doc85.5 KB

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