Congratulations to our 2016 new Apgar members!

We are happy to announce the new members of the Apgar Academy for 2016.

1. Dr. Jonathan Amiel- Department of Psychiatry
2. Dr. Ana Cepin- Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
3. Dr. Simon Cheng- Department of Radiation Oncology
4. Dr. Hetty Cunningham- Department of Pediatrics
5. Dr. Saundra Curry- Department of Anesthesiology
6. Dr. Glen Gillen-Department of Regenerative and Rehabilitation Medicine
7. Dr. Jane Kang- Department of Medicine (Division of Rheumatology)
8. Dr. David Kessler- Department of Pediatrics
9. Dr. Salila Kurra- Department of Medicine
10. Dr. Ronald Liem- Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
11. Dr. Charles Marboe- Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
12. Dr. Heather Paladine- Department of Medicine
13. Dr. Marya Pollack-Department of Psychiatry
14. Dr. Joseph Schwartz- Department of Pathology and Cell Biology

Congratulations and welcome!

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