Stephen Canfield, MD

Dr. Canfield is Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, where he runs a lab investigating the genetic and biochemical origins of asthma and allergic disease. His clinical interests include the diagnosis and treatment of allergies and immunodeficiency. Dr. Canfield directs the Immunology section of the medical student Pathophysiology course, and has served as a small group preceptor and lecturer in that course for 7 years. He attends on the Allergy service for 6 months each year as well as in the weekly Adult Allergy clinic, where he teaches clinical immunology to Allergy and Pulmonary fellows and medicine house staff. His teaching emphasizes the importance of understanding basic mechanisms of immune physiology with two goals in mind: first, to be able to apply modern models of immune function to the evaluation and management of patients; second, and equally importantly, to recognize where current paradigms fail to explain clinical findings and to seize these opportunities to spur novel investigation aimed at expanding our understanding of the field.

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