Saundra Curry, M.D.

Dr. Curry graduated from Cornell Medical College in 1982 and completed her residency at Columbia in Anesthesiology in 1986. She came on staff at Columbia and almost immediately became involved with medical student teaching. At that time anesthesia teaching meant ACLS. She changed the one week required rotation to include teaching of the basics of anesthesia and focused on oxygen therapy, pain management and local anesthesia pharmacology. Procedural training included airway management and IV placement. This coursework was found to be extremely valuable to the students as they didn't get this training anywhere else in their curriculum. About 15 years ago professionalism training was added by way of discussions of medical student observations of behaviors in the ORs. Data about this was presented at a AAMC meeting and a paper about the observations.

On the national front, Dr. Curry has been intimately involved with education issues, including being chair of several committees that plan the education content of the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anesthesiologists (17,000 participants). She is an active member of the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA), an international association of anesthesia educators interested in medical student, resident and faculty education and served as its President for two years. She is a test question writer for the Anesthesia Knowledge Test and the NBME. She is an oral board examiner for the anesthesia certifying board (ABA). She is also on the faculty for the Anesthesia Workshop on Teaching, an annual 4-day intensive faculty development workshop for anesthesia educators.

Professional interests include professionalism in medicine, faculty development in teaching, and medical student and resident curriculum development. Personal interests include travel, professional baseball (the NY Mets) and singing.

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