Define Data Source Location

Define Data Source Location

The DISCOVERY Request Form contains a field to specify which facility to pull data from. Below is a list of the locations that may be selected.

WC: Weill Cornell
P/W: Unknown (likely not being collected anymore)
Westchester: Not being collected in CDW
CU: Columbia University
CHONY: Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian Hospital
Allen: Allen Pavilion of New York Presbyterian Hospital
ACN-Cornell: Ambulatory Clinic Network — Cornell
ACN-Columbia: Ambulatory Clinic Network — Columbia
Other: Must be specified by requestor

Note: There is also an “All” choice, but it is best to avoid checking “All.” Rather, specify which locations you are interested to expedite your request. If you are unsure where the data is stored, work with a clinician.

Only surgeries associated with Columbia University facilities were of interest in the pancreatic surgery study, so CU and ACN-Columbia were selected.

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