From time to time, it may be helpful to run your ideas by a health services researcher or clinician that has gone through the process of DISCOVERY and/or has published on the CDW data. Below is a list of possible ways to get in touch with others who may have encountered similar issues along the way. Please note that the contacts below are volunteering their time to provide suggestions on research and collaborations, so please be cognizant of their time. Some centers listed also provide consulting services at a cost.

Columbia University Scientific Profiles (CUSP)
Free of cost, CUSP is a web tool designed by the Biomedical Informatics Resource of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. It allows users to visualize networks of exiting collaborations within Columbia systems to assist researchers in finding links to others’ work.

It may be useful to have a clinician on board if you do not have experience with medical and clinical data, particularly clinical databases. A clinician can assist you in figuring out the right wording and coding needed to pull the most relevant data.

  • Andrew Moran, General Medicine
  • Dennis Fowler, Pediatrics

Below are a list of centers and individuals who may to speak to for further suggestions on your project if needed. Please note that some centers will offer their services at a cost.

  • EDGE (EPI)
  • CTSA’s statistical consulting service (BIO)
  • Health economics and costing (HPM)
  • Center for Health Policy at School of Nursing
  • Health services and economics (Pat Stone at Nursing or Claire Wang at HPM)
  • Access CUMC : five schools and center links

  • Find Columbia Doctors